Steve Mathison is a Senior Engineer in the Powertrain Strategy Group at Honda R&D Americas, Inc.   He received a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho, and a M.S. Degree in Engineering Mechanics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute, graduating in 1987.  He started his career with Honda R&D Americas in 1987, after which he spent two years working at Honda R&D in Japan in the area of vehicle dynamics. After his return to the U.S., he began working on electric vehicle research in the early 1990s, helping bring Honda‚Äôs EV Plus to market. Later, his research interests evolved into the area of fuel cell electric vehicles, with an emphasis on hydrogen refueling and infrastructure, including Honda's residential scale Solar Hydrogen Station (SHS). 

Most recently, Steve's research has been focused on the development of an advanced hydrogen fueling protocol named the MC Default Fill, based on the MC Method - an analytical approach to calculating the end of fill gas temperature in a compressed hydrogen storage cylinder - which he co-developed within Honda.  This formula based fueling protocol offers faster and more consistent fueling times for FCV customers as well as enhanced design and operational flexibility for hydrogen station manufacturers.  He recently completed an extensive validation process of the MC Default Fill, which included computer simulations, bench testing, and field testing.  As a result of this work, the SAE Fuel Cell Standards Committee Interface Task Force has recently agreed to open up the SAE J2601 hydrogen fueling protocols standard for revision, where he will be the document sponsor, working towards incorporating the MC Default Fill into the standard.

Steve has been a member of the SAE Fuel Cell Standards Committee Interface Working Group for nearly 10 years where he has contributed towards the publication of numerous standards, including SAE J2600, J2719, and J2601. 

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