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2017 Conference Paper Tara Ghatauray, James Ingram, Paul Holborn 218.pdf , 5_ID218.pptx
2009 Conference Paper Y. Escanciano; A. Kotchourko; A. Lelyakin; A. Gavrikov; A. Efimenko; M. Zbikowski; D. Makarov; V. Molkov A Comparison Exercise on the CFD Detonation Simulation in Large Scale Confined Volumes.pdf
2017 Conference Paper Stella, G. Giannissi, Alexandros G. Venetsanos 158.pdf , 4_ID158.ppt
2009 Conference Paper F. Markert; A. Engebo; S. Nilsen A Barrier Analysis of a Generic Hydrogen Refuelling Station.pdf
2013 Presentation T. Constantinescu 5th International Conference on Hydrogen Safety.pdf
2015 Conference Paper T. Skjold; D. Siccama; H. Hisken; A. Brambilla; P. Middha; K.M. Groth; A.C. LaFleur Presentation_ID105_Hy3DRM_Final_20151021.pdf , paper_309.pdf
2005 Conference Paper S.I. Shabunya; V.V. Martynenko; M. Till; J. Perrin 1D Phenomenological Model Estimating the Overpressure Which Could be Generated by Gas Explosion in a Congested Space_0.pdf
2017 Conference Paper P. Timmers; G. Stam Paper-107.pdf , Presentation_ID107.pptx
2017 Conference Paper K. Vaagsaether; A. Gaathaug; D. Bjerketvedt Paper-164.pdf
2017 Conference Paper M. Asahara; N. Tsuboi Paper-193.pdf
2017 Conference Paper A. Friedrich; G. Joachim; K. Sempert Paper-102.pdf , Presentation-ID102.ppt
2017 Conference Paper W. Breitung; G. Halmer; M. Kuznetsov Paper-117.pdf