CGA H-1 Service Conditions for Portable, Reversible Metal Hydride Systems

North America
United States
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  • Portable & Micro Fuel Cells
Compressed Gas Association
This publication outlines the service conditions expected for the system and various system components in a portable, reversible metal hydride system to be used for hydrogen storage. These systems do not include metal hydride battery systems. This publication provides service conditions that are the basis for the design, manufacture, inspection, testing, and approval of the system and system components used with one or more chemical compounds generally described as a metal hydride. Where appropriate, the specific component or a specific application is indicated; otherwise, the conditions of service for these systems apply to each component in all such services. Where known, system or component features are provided with minimum requirements.
Status Explanation
Second edition published October 2011. Available at Deadline to submit proposed changes for next edition: 2/3/22.
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