This standard for fuel cell power systems contemplates all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events, with the exception of those associated with environmental compatibility (installation conditions) . This document deals with conditions that pose hazards to persons, as well as damage to the exterior of the fuel cell power system but does not address protection against damage to fuel cell power system internals, unless it leads to hazards outside the fuel cell power system.

This document is applicable to stationary fuel cell power systems intended for indoor and outdoor commercial, industrial and residential use in non-hazardous areas. It applies to that stationary packaged, self-contained fuel cell power systems or fuel cell power systems comprised of factory matched packages of integrated systems which generate electricity through electrochemical reactions. 

Note that this is a modified adoption of the IEC 62282.3.100:2019 standard, and referenced standards have been replaced with equivalent Australian and/or Australia/New Zealand Standards.