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Title Year Type Author(s)
New Approach for Performing Failure Analysis of Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicles 2009 Journal Article V. Motevalli, M. Mohd
Numerical simulation of passive catalytic recombiner 2009 Journal Article B. Gera, P. Sharma, R. Singh, A. Ghosh
Comparison of Pd, Pt and Pt/Pd as Catalysts for Hydrogen Sensor Films 2009 Journal Article J . Y. Shim, J. Lee, J. Jin, H. Cheong, S. Lee
A Microsolar Collector for Hydrogen Production by Methanol Reforming 2010 Journal Article R. Zimmerman, G. Morrison, G. Rosengarten
Hydrogen Safety Monitoring on Challenge X Vehicle 2009 Journal Article S. Barrett
Identifying performance gaps in hydrogen safety sensor technology for automotive and stationary applications 2010 Journal Article L. Boon-Brett, J. Bousek, G. Black, P. Moretto, P. Castello, T. Hubert, U. Banach
Numerical study of hydrogen explosions in a refuelling environment and in a model storage room 2010 Journal Article J. Wen, V. Rao, V. H. Y. Tam
Behavior of buoyancy and momentum controlled hydrogen jets and flames emitted into the quiescent atmosphere 2009 Journal Article J. Kim, W. Yang, Y. Kim, S. Won
Risk identification and control of stationary high-pressure hydrogen storage vessels 2009 Journal Article P. Xu, J . Y. Zheng, P. Liu, R. Chen, F. Kai, L. Li
Increasing Safety in the Oxidative Conversion of Highly Concentrated Gases Containing Hydrogen Sulfide 2009 Journal Article V. Zorin, F. Ismagilov, N. Ishimbaev, T. Zorina, V. Kalinin, Z. Ismagilova
Safety assessment of envisaged systems for automotive hydrogen supply and utilization 2010 Journal Article G. Landucci, A. Tugnoli, V. Cozzani
Harm effect distances evaluation of severe accidents for gaseous hydrogen refueling station 2010 Journal Article Z . Y. Li, X. Pan, J. Ma
TEM-XRD analysis of PdO particles on TiO2 support for chemochromic detection of hydrogen 2010 Journal Article N. Mohajeri, A. T-Raissi, G. Bokerman, J. Captain, B. Peterson, M. Whitten, S. Trigwell, C. Berger, J. Brenner
Development of a web-based 3D virtual reality program for hydrogen station 2010 Journal Article Y. Lee, J. Kim, J. Kim, E. Kim, Y. Kim, I. Moon
Safety Related Physical Phenomena for Coupled High-Temperature Reactors and Hydrogen Production Facilities 2009 Book C.W. Forsberg, M. Gorensek, S. Herring, P. Pickard
Semi-quantitative risk assessment of commercial scale supply chain of hydrogen fuel and implications for industry and society 2010 Journal Article M. Moonis, A. Wilday, M. Wardman
Computational fluid dynamics simulations for hydrogen dispersion and exhaust in residential fuel cell systems 2010 Journal Article Y. Kim, J. Nam, D. Shin, T . Y. Chung, Y. Kim
Structure Materials in Fusion Reactors: Issues Related to Tritium, Radioactivity and Radiation-Induced Effects 2010 Journal Article M. Rubel
Assigning priorities to actions in a pipeline transporting hydrogen based on a multicriteria decision model 2010 Journal Article M. Alencar, A. de Almeida
Hydrogen permeation from CGH2 vehicles in garages: CFD dispersion calculations and experimental validation 2010 Journal Article A. Venetsanos, E. Papanikolaou, B. Cariteau, P. Adams, A. Bengaouer
HySafe standard benchmark Problem SBEP-V11: Predictions of hydrogen release and dispersion from a CGH2 bus in an underpass 2010 Journal Article A. Venetsanos, E. Papanikolaou, O. Hansen, P. Middha, J. Garcia, M. Heitsch, D. Baraldi, P. Adams
Numerical analysis of accidental hydrogen release in a laboratory 2010 Journal Article M. Heitsch, D. Baraldi, P. Moretto
An intercomparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to reproduce a large-scale hydrogen deflagration in open atmosphere 2010 Journal Article J. Garcia, D. Baraldi, E. Gallego, A. Beccantini, A. Crespo, O. Hansen, S. Hoiset, A. Kotchourko, D. Makarov, E. Migoya, V. Molkov, M. Voort, J. Yanez
HySafe SBEP-V20: Numerical studies of release experiments inside a naturally ventilated residential garage 2010 Journal Article E. Papanikolaou, A. Venetsanos, M. Heitsch, D. Baraldi, A. Huser, J. Pujol, J. Garcia, N. Markatos