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Title Year Type Author(s)
Analysis of the dispersion of a fixed mass of LNG boil off vapour from open to the atmosphere vertical containers 2011 Journal Article S. Fardisi, G. Karim
An inter-comparison exercise on CFD model capabilities to simulate hydrogen deflagrations with pressure relief vents 2010 Journal Article D. Baraldi, A. Kotchourko, A. Lelyakin, J. Yanez, A. Gavrikov, A. Efimenko, F. Verbecke, D. Makarov, V. Molkov, A. Teodorczyk
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Alternative method for steam generation for thermal oxidation of silicon 2010 Journal Article J. Spiegelman
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Ignition during hydrogen release from high pressure into the atmosphere 2010 Journal Article P. Oleszczak, P. Wolanski
Long-term Durability of Pd/a-WO3 and Pd-Pt/a-WO3 Thin Films for Hydrogen Sensors 2010 Journal Article J. Jin, H. Cheong
Innovative Technologies in Optical Fiber Hydrogen Sensor Detection Systems for Space Applications 2010 Journal Article A. Kazemi
Experimental investigation on the self-ignition of pressurized hydrogen released by the failure of a rupture disk through tubes 2011 Journal Article H. Lee, Y. Kim, S. Kim, I. Jeung
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The structure of lean hydrogen-air flame balls 2011 Journal Article E. Fernandez-Tarrazo, A. Sanchez, A. Linan, F. Williams
Sensor Modeling, Low-Complexity Fusion Algorithms, and Mixed-Signal IC Prototyping for Gas Measures in Low-Emission Vehicles 2011 Journal Article S. Saponara, E. Petri, L. Fanucci, P. Terreni
Safety challenges in view of the upcoming hydrogen economy: An overview 2010 Journal Article H. Pasman, W. Rogers
Detection efficiency of plastic scintillator for gaseous tritium sampling and measurement system 2010 Journal Article T. Uda, T. Kawano, M. Tanaka, S. Tomatsuri, T. Ito, K. Tatenuma
Hydrogen Outgassing, Electrical Consumption and the Myriad Code Requirements Much Venting Over The Need For Ventilation 2010 Journal Article D. McMenamin, R. Steward
Description of a system based on the DFB laser for natural gas leakage in the long optical-path of the tunnel 2010 Journal Article X. Shu, Y. Zhang, W. Liu, S. Zhang, Y. Cui, R. Kan, H. Gen
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