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Webinar - What We Can Learn From Hydrogen Safety Event Databases

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J. Keller

Major Auto Manufacturers' Activities and Plans for FCEVs

  • Toyota
    • 2010-2013: U.S. demo fleet of 100 vehicles
    • 'FCHV-adv' can achieve 431-mile range &68 mpgge
    • 2015: Commercialize cars at <$100K
  • Honda
    • Clarity FCX named 'World Green Car of the Year'; EPA certified 72mpgge; leasing up to 200 vehicles
    • 2015: Launch all-new fuel cell electric model sequentially in Japan, U.S. and Europe.
  • Daimler
    • Plans for tens of thousands of FCEVs/year in 2015-2017 and hundreds of thousands a few years after
    • Partnership with Linde to develop fueling stations.
    • Moved up commercialization plans to 2014
  • General Motors
    • >120 vehicles deployed since 2007 in Project Driveway
    • 2012: Technology readiness goal for FC powertrain
  • Hyundai-Kia
    • 2012-2013:  2000 FCEVs/year  
    • 2015:  10,000 FCEVs/year
    • 'Borrego' FCEV has achieved >340-mile range.
  • Volkswagen
    • Expanded demo fleet to 24 FCEVs in CA
    • Recently reconfirmed commitment to FCEVs
  • SAIC (China)                    
    • SAIC Motor Company is planning 20-30 prototypes in 2013 and >1,000 FCEVs in 2015.
  • Nissan
    • Commercial FCEVs planned for 2016. FCEVs are key part of 'Nissan Green Program'. Announced strategic partnership with Daimler on FCEVs.
  • BMW
    • Fielding a fleet of “F-Cell” vehicles in the U.S. 40 currently leased with another 20 on the way.
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