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The TONUS CFD code for hydrogen risk analysis: Physical models, numerical schemes and validation matrix

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S. Kudriakov; F. Dabbene; E. Studer; A. Beccantini; J.P. Magnaud; H. Paillere; A. Bentaib; A. Bleyer; J. Malet; E. Porcheron; C. Caroli


The French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) are developing a hydrogen risk analysis code, called the TONUS code, which incorporates both lumped-parameter (LP) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) formulations. In this paper we present the governing equations, numerical strategy and schemes used for the CFD approach. Several benchmark exercises based on experimental results obtained on large-scale facilities, such as MISTRA, TOSQAN and RUT, are presented. They have been used as verification and assessment procedures for modelling and numerical approaches of the code. Specific emphasis is given to the sensitivity analysis of the computed results with respect to numerical and physical parameters. The powerful Design-Of-Experiments technique for sensitivity analysis is successfully applied to the ISP47 MISTRA test case. The TONUS CFD code is presently used to support the hydrogen risk assessment for the European Pressurized Reactor (EPR) plant and to investigate the impact of the two-room concept on hydrogen distribution in the EPR containment. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.






Times Cited: 22 Workshop on Benchmarking of CFD Codes for Application to Nuclear Reactor Safety Sep 05-07, 2006 Garching, GERMANY 22



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