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A Study on the Dispersion of Hydrogen Gas in Atmosphere

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J. Young-Do;


Hydrogen is considered to be the most important future energy carrier in many applications reducing significantly greenhouse gas emissions, but the safety issues associated with hydrogen applications need to be investigated and fully understood to be applicable as the carrier. Therefore, there is a considerable demand for further research concerning the dispersion of hydrogen/air mixture clouds and the possible consequences of their ignition. In this study, the dispersion of hydrogen gas in atmosphere has been analysed with atmospheric condition by concerning the buoyancy of hydrogen. The hazard ranges to wind direction increase with wind speed and the stability of atmosphere. The concentration of hydrogen at just above ground is nearly zero due to buoyancy of hydrogen gas. Therefore, the ignition probability of hydrogen gas cloud is low and the hazard of explosion or fire associated with hydrogen gas is relatively low comparing with the other fuel gas such as propane or butane. . . . . , . , .







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