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A. Trofimenko; V. Trofimenko


Possibilites of application the hydrogen in quality perspective energy of different engineering are determined by technical economic aspects of hydrogen storage problem decision. Selection of hydrogen storage systems make up basic criteria: the weight, the volume, the safety and the cost storage. Analysis of the existing methods keeping of hydrogen show us that in many chances they do not answer of necessary requires. So the hydride storage have many row of attractive sides (such as comparative safety, maleable regime storage and giving of hydrogen). They have slight capacity from 1.5 up to 2 per cent and demand expensive metals La, Ni, Ti and other rarity elements. Therefore most perspective way is to use composits as base of metals filled gas phase. In work conditions solidif of various metals and alloys gasdynamics of structures with cylindrical and spherical emptiness are experimentally fulfilled. Is received metal monolithic are penetrated in a necessary direction the channels of a gas phase of 0.1..0.2 mm. By valuations of the authors capacity compositional hydrogen storage of accumulators makes 7...9 per cent, that considerably exceeds capacity hydride of accumulators.


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