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Z.Q. Mao; Z.X. Liu; C. Wang; N.F. Wan

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Solar energy is a kind of unstable energy source as its time and the geographical distribution. Thus storage and transportation of solar energy is necessary. An ideal way of doing this is to storage electricity from solar in form of hydrogen which obtained by eletrolysing water. Hydrogen is a energy carrier in a carbon-free, natural cycle. Hydrogen is a fuel which can be transported over long distances and stored so that solar energy can be transported from solar rich area over long distances in pipeline to East of China, stored underground or in containers and used in gaseous or liquid form in industry, households, power stations, motor cars and aviation. In order to know more details of solar hydrogen energy system, such as techniques of hydrogen production, end use, safety aspects, costs and strategy for its implementation, A Solar-hydrogen system will be demoed in Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology (INET) of Tsinghua University. This system is contained solar photoelectricity cell, water electrolyzer, hydrogen storage tank and fuel cell power station which supply electricity during night. The results is also expected to show that adopting the solar-hydrogen energy system would extend the availability of oil resources, reduce pollution, and establish a permanent energy system for China. They also indicate that north-west of China could become an exporter of hydrogen forever.


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