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J.W. Sheffield; U.O. Koylu

The University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR), through a hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicle evaluation participation agreement with the Ford Motor Company, will establish a commuter bus service and hydrogen refueling at a station in rural Missouri near Ft. Leonard Wood (FLW). Initiated by a request from the U.S. Army Maneuver Support Center at FLW, UMR is leading the effort to launch the commuter service between FLW and the neighboring towns of Rolla and Lebanon, Missouri each of which are located approximately 40 km from the military base on Interstate-44 highway. The broad research, training, and education agenda for the rural hydrogen transportation test bed is to develop, demonstrate, evaluate, and promote safe hydrogen-based technologies in a realworld environment. With funds provided by the Defense Logistics Agency through the Air Force Research Laboratory, this hydrogen initiative will build and operate a hydrogen fueling facility that includes on-site generation of hydrogen through electrolysis as well as selling a range of other traditional and alternative fuels.

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