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B. Guo; H.J.L. Gossmann; A. Waite; V. Chavva; T. Toh; S. Chang; B. Gori;


Implantation of light ion species, such as Hydrogen and Helium, is widely used to modify silicon electronic properties by adjustment of charge carrier lifetime. Hydrogen-related donors can also be induced in great depth with MeV implants especially for power device applications. However, the radiation related safety concerns require the Hydrogen be used separately from other dopant species normally used in semiconductor manufacturing process. For implanters only equipped with Hydrogen, Helium, or Argon, the implantation process is uniquely challenging to qualify, especially for fabs without ThermaWave or other similar metrology tools. In this paper, we will discuss the characterization of Hydrogen and Helium using double implant technology for angle verification and SPC purpose. Also, TCAD simulation and SRIM studies are used to explain observed multiple Hydrogen peaks for near zero tilt implant profiles.


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