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Permitting of a Project Involving Hydrogen: A Code Official's Perspective

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R.A. Kallman; N.F. Barilo; W.F. Murphy; P.L. International

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1876-6102 *****************


Recent growth in the development of hydrogen infrastructure has led to more requests for code officials to approve hydrogen-related projects and facilities. To help expedite the review and approval process, significant efforts have been made to educate code officials on permitting hydrogen vehicle fueling stations and facilities using stationary fuel cells (e.g., backup power for telephone cell tower sites). Despite these efforts, project delays continue because of several factors, including the limited experience of code officials with these types of facilities, submittals that lack the required information (including failure to adequately address local requirements), and submission of poor quality documents. The purpose of this paper is to help project proponents overcome these potential roadblocks and obtain timely approval for a project. A case study of an actual stationary application permitting request is provided to illustrate the value of addressing these issues. (C) 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Selection and/or peer-review under responsibility of Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.






Times Cited: 0 19th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) Jun 03-07, 2012 Toronto, CANADA 0



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