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Performance-Based Requirements for Hydrogen Detection Allocation and Actuation

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I.A. Kirillov; M.I. Strelkova; A.V. Panasenko; D. Roekaerts

The hydrogen detection system is a key component of the hydrogen safety systems (HSS). Any HSS forms a second layer of protection for the assets under accidental conditions, when a first layer of protection - passive protection systems (separation at ?safe? distance, natural ventilation) are in- operable or failed. In this report a performance-based, risk-informed methodology for establishing of the explicit, quantitative requirements for hydrogen detectors allocation and actuation is proposed. The main steps of the proposed methodology are described. It is suggested (as a first approximation) to use in a process of quantification of a hydrogen detection system performance (from safety viewpoint) a five-tiered hierarchy, namely 1) safety goals, 2) risk-informed safety objectives, 3) performance goal and metrics, 4) rational safety criteria, 5) safety factors. Unresolved issues of the proposed methodology of Safety Performance Analysis for development of the risk-informed and performance-based standards on the hydrogen detection systems are synopsized.

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