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Overview of the DOE Hydrogen Safety, Codes and Standards Program Part 3: Advances in research and development to enhance the scientific basis for hydrogen regulations, codes and standards

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C. San Marchi; E.S. Hecht; I.W. Ekoto; K.M. Groth; C. LaFleur; B.P. Somerday; R. Mukundan; T. Rockward

Hydrogen fuels are being deployed around the world as an alternative to traditional petrol and battery technologies. As with all fuels, regulations, codes and standards are a necessary component of the safe deployment of hydrogen technologies. There has been a focused effort in the international hydrogen community to develop codes and standards based on strong scientific principles to accommodate the relatively rapid deployment of hydrogen-energy systems. The need for science-based codes and standards has revealed the need to advance our scientific understanding of hydrogen in engineering environments. This brief review describes research and development activities with emphasis on scientific advances that have aided the advancement of hydrogen regulations, codes and standards for hydrogen technologies in fourkey areas: (1) the physics of high-pressure hydrogen releases (called hydrogen behavior); (2) quantitative risk assessment; (3) hydrogen compatibility of materials;and (4) hydrogen fuel quality.

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