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S. Watanbe; Y. Tamura; J. Suzuki

For the evaluation of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicle safety, a new comprehensive facility was constructed inour institute. The new facility includes an explosion resistant indoor vehicle fire test building and highpressure hydrogen tank safety evaluation equipment. The indoor vehicle fire test building has sufficientstrength to withstand even an explosion of a high pressure hydrogen tank of 260 liter capacity and 70 MPapressure. It also has enough space to observe vehicle fire flames of not only hydrogen but also otherconventional fuels, such as gasoline or compressed natural gas. The inside dimensions of the building are a16 meter height and 18 meter diameter. The walls are made of 1.2 meter thick reinforced concrete covered atthe insides with steel plate. This paper shows examples of hydrogen vehicle fires compared with other fuelfires and hydrogen high pressure tank fire tests utilizing several kinds of fire sources. Another facility forevaluation of high pressure hydrogen tank safety includes a 110 MPa hydrogen compressor with a capacityof 200 Nm3/h, a 300 MPa hydraulic compressor for burst tests of 70 MPa and higher pressure tanks and soon. This facility will be used for not only the safety evaluation of hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles but also theestablishment of domestic/international regulations, codes, and standards.

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