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Modifications to a hydrogen/electric hybrid bus

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Y. Baghzouz; J. Fiene; J. Van Dam; L. Shi; E. Wilkinson; R. Boehm; T. Kell; A. Aiaa

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A program to modify a hydrogen hybrid electric bus is described. This is an electric bus that uses a hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine to charge on-board batteries. The primary goal of the reported work is to extend the range of the bus in a cost-effective manner. Among the modifications being made are the development of a new engine, upgrading the power control system, rewiring critical elements, adapting a supercapacitor regenerative braking system, devising more effective changes to the safety hydrogen systems, and adding a high pressure gas storage system to supplement the existing hydride bed hydrogen storage. All of this work is being supplemented with the use of a dynamic simulation code to determine optimal operational strategies.


Times Cited: 0 Iecec 35th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference and Exhibit (IECEC) Jul 24-28, 2000 Las Vegas, NV Amer Inst Aeronaut & Astronaut 0



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