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T. Jordan

Article "How safe is Hydrogen?" by J. Hord: pp 615 Symposium Papers of the "Hydrogen for Energy Distribution" Lyon, France, July 24-28,1978!

  • Provide analyses and experimental data to determine vapor cloud dispersion characteristics (near-field and far-field) resulting fromlarge liquid spills.
  • Fires: Assess thermal radiation effects and the effects of water vaporabsorption.
  • Evaluate existing fire control techniques: dry chemicals, foams, etc.as found useful in controlling LNG fires.
  • Experimentally determine vaporization rates for large pools of liquidhydrogen (surface and material effects).
  • Correlate analytical studies with experimental studies to determineliquid spreading rates, resulting from large liquid spills.
  • Determine practical lower flammable limit for the propagation of openair explosions (8%+ H2-in-air?).
  • Experimentally verify detonation in open air detonable clouds.(Evaluate strong initiator and the possibility of transition fromdeflagration to detonation in theabsence of turbulence inducers).
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