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M.C. Galassi; E. Papanikolaou; D. Baraldi; E. Funnemark; E. Haland; A. Engebo; G.P. Haugom; T. Jordan; A. Tchouvelev

The Hydrogen Incident and Accident Database (HIAD) is being developed as a repository ofsystematic data describing in detail hydrogen-related undesired events (incidents or accidents). It is anopen web-based information system serving various purposes such as a data source for riskassessments, lessons learned and risk communication. The paper describes the features of the threeHIAD modules - the Data Entry Module (DEM), the Data Retrieval Module (DRM) and the DataAnalysis Module (DAM) - and the potential impact the database may have on hydrogen safety. Theimportance of the quality assurance process is also addressed.

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