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M. Cali; E. Fontana; V. Giaretto; G. Orsello; M. Santarelli

This paper deals with the main safety aspects of the EOS project. The partners of the project ?Politecnico di Torino, Gas Turbine Technologies (GTT, Siemens group), Hysylab (Hydrogen SystemLaboratory) of Environment Park, and Regione Piemonte ? aim to create the main node of a regionalfuel cell generator network. As a first step, the Pennsylvania-based Stationary Fuel Cells division ofSiemens Westinghouse Power Corporation (SWPC) supplied GTT with a CHP 100 kWe SOFC(Solide Oxide Fuel Cell) field unit, fuelled by natural gas with internal reforming. The fuel cell isconnected to the electricity national grid and provides part of the industrial district energyrequirement. The thermal energy from the fuel cells is used for heating and air-conditioning of GTToffices, bringing the total first Law efficiency of the plant to 70-80%2 In the second phase of the EOSproject (2007/2008), the maximum power produced by the SOFC systems installed in the GTT EOStest room will be increased to a total of about 225 kWe, by means of an additional SOFC generatorrated 125 kWe and up to 115 kWth. The paper provides information about the safety analysis whichwas performed during the main steps of the design of the system, i.e. the HAZOP during the SOFCdesign by SWPC, and the safety evaluations during the test hall design by GTT and Politecnico diTorino.

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