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An electro-hydraulic servo system for LH2+LO2 rocket engine TVC

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G.S. Zeng

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This paper describes the design concept. structure characteristics and major performances of the new type electro-hydraulic servo system for the new generation of China LVs. it places stress on the speedy gaseous hydrogen motor running in the dry friction, sky-ground triple driving safety switchover for the hydraulic pump. energy-stored ahead starting hydraulic energy supply, high reliability mechanical feedback type electro-hydraulic servo actuator with dynamic pressure compensation function, and the integration and self-contained structure design for the 4-variable TVC system.


Times Cited: 0 3rd International Symposium on Fluid Power Transmission and Control (ISFP 99) Sep 07-09, 1999 Harbin, peoples r china CMES, Fluid Transmiss & Control Inst; Harbin Inst Technol; Japanese SMC Corp; CALT, Res Inst 18; Natl Nat Sci Fdn 0



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