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Effect of Hydrogen Content on Structure and Properties of Sintering Body Utilizing TC21 Hydrogenated Powder

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Y. Tian; Y. Wei; H. Hou; X. Ren

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1022-6680 978-3-03785-512-6


The effect of hydrogenation on structure and properties of TC21 alloy by die forming and sintering using hydrogenated powder was researched by means of the room-temperature die forming and sintering in protection air to produce titanium alloy. The results show that the structure of TC21 titanium sintered body using hydrogenated powder with hydrogen content of 0.39 wt%2by die forming and sintering is thinner and the density is higher than the others. The compression strength and compressive yield strength of TC21 sintered body with hydrogen content of 0.39 wt%2are well. With hydrogen content increasing, the structure of TC21 production using hydrogenated powder by die forming and sintering gets well and the grain size becomes smaller. After annealing, the structure of TC21 titanium production gets more uniformity and refinement obviously, and the hydrogen content of TC21 alloy safety state is achieved. In the end, the density and mechanical property of TC21 titanium alloy sintered body with hydrogen content of 0.39wt%2is the best.




Times Cited: 0 International Conference on Chemical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Metallic Materials (CMMM 2012) Oct 12-13, 2012 KunMing, PEOPLES R CHINA Int Frontiers Sci & Technol Res Assoc; Hong Kong Control Engn & Informat Sci Res Assoc 0



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