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S. Kudriakov; A. Beccantini

The Reative Disrete Equation Method (RDEM) was reently introdued in [1,2], adapted to combustion modelling in [3], and implemented in the TONUS code [4]. The method has two major features: the combustion constant having velocity dimension is the fundamental flame speed, and the combustion wave now is an integrable part of the Reactive Riemann Problem. In the present report the RDEM method is applied to the simulation of the combustion Test 13H performed in the ENACCEF facility. Two types of computations have been considered: one with a constant fundamental flame speed, the other with time dependent fundamental flame speed. It is shown that by using the latter technique we can reproduce the experimental visible flame velocity. The ratio between the fundamental flame speed and the laminar flame speed takes, however, very large values compared to the experimental data based on the tests performed in spherical bombs or cruciform burner.