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K. Chitose; K. Hayashi; M. Hishida; K. Takeno; Y. Yamada


The World Energy Network System (WE-NET) is supporting a wide array of research and development projects with regard to the introduction of hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations. The handling of hydrogen presents some risks, and safety studies are being carried out. The authors presented the results of small-scale liquid hydrogen leakage and dispersion experiments of liquid hydrogen, as well as the validation of a multiphase three-dimensional hydrodynamics analysis tool called CHAMPAGNE, which predicts the behaviour of liquid hydrogen evaporation and dispersion. The AutoReaGas computer program was used to calculate the explosion phenomenon of dispersed hydrogen/air mixture, and the validation was accomplished under the umbrella of other projects sponsored by WE-NET. 1 ref., 7 figs.


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