UL Subject 2265 A Micro Fuel Cell Power Systems Using Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Technology

North America
United States
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  • Portable & Micro Fuel Cells
Underwriters Laboratories
1. These requirements cover micro fuel cell power systems and associated disposable fuel cartridges that are wearable or easily hand carried, using direct methanol fuel cell technology. These requirements apply to power systems that provide dc outputs rated 60 Vdc or less and 240 VA or less. As such, the internal and external circuitry are considered secondary circuits that are "SELV." 2. The fuel cell power systems covered by these requirements are for use in unclassified (ordinary) locations in ambient temperatures that do not exceed 50°C (140°F). The fuel cartridges are to be installed and replaced by the user. 3. These requirements cover fuel cell power systems that are electrical power sources that include integrated electrical connection means, integrated wiring material leads with or without electrical connectors, or a combination of these arrangements for single or multiple electrical loads. Additional electrical connection means may be provided to affect information exchange with the end-use product as designed. 4. Federal regulatory requirements pertaining to the shipment of fuel cartridges is outside the scope of this Outline of Investigation. 5. This Outline of Investigation establishes requirements for disposable fuel cartridges limited in pressure to the vapor pressure of the methanol fuel. 6. Disposable cartridges with a fuel capacity greater than 1000 mL and refillable cartridges are excluded from this Outline of Investigation. 7. The technologies covered by these requirements include direct methanol fuel cell stacks and fuels identified as methanol, or methanol and water mixtures with or without additives.
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