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UL Subject 2262A Borohydride Fuel Cartridges with Integral Fuel Processing for Use with Portable Fuel Cell Power Systems or Similar Equipment

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1. These requirements cover disposable borohydride compound fuel cartridges with integral fuel processing for use with portable fuel cell power systems or similar equipment that use gaseous hydrogen from the cartridge. The fuel contained within the cartridge consists of a sodium or potassium borohydride formulation, or a mixture of these formulations, which have been shown to be UN Class 8 (Corrosive) materials. The compounds, in liquid state are processed through a chemical reaction within the cartridge that results in hydrogen gas (for use as a fuel) and borate solution (waste material stored in the cartridge until disposal). 2. These requirements also cover cartridges that contain fuel consisting of UN Class 4, Division 4.3 (Water Reactive) borohydride compounds. The compounds, in solid state, are processed with the addition of water resulting in a chemical process that results in hydrogen gas (for use as fuel) and borate solution (waste material stored in the cartridge until disposal). 3. These requirements cover cartridges for use in portable fuel cells systems, but do not cover cartridges for use in equipment intended to be brought on board passenger aircraft. 4. The fuel cell cartridges covered by these requirements are for use in ambient temperatures that do not exceed 50�C (121�F) and whose internal pressures do not exceed 100 psig. 5. Federal regulatory requirements pertaining to the shipment of fuel cartridges are outside the scope of this Outline of Investigation.
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