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Materials safety and selection for the application of metals in high-pressure hydrogen storage of fuel cell vehicles were introduced based on the hydrogen gas embrittlement (HGE) examinations using the materials testing equipment. Testing steps are as follows; the 1st step is the tensile test in high-pressure hydrogen by slow strain rate technique to evaluate the effect of hydrogen and divide the materials into five categories based on stress-strain curves. The materials of type III, IV and V are picked up and their yield points and ultimate tensile strengths are collected. The 2nd step is the fracture mechanics test to obtain KICS and KIHS of type III, IV and V materials. The materials of type IV and V are considered to be applicable as usual. The 3rd step is the crack growth test to obtain the fatigue crack growth data. A special consideration of HGE is taken for the design of the equipment with limited operation period or cycles for the materials of type III. The issue of the K-th's reproducibility remains unresolved, which calls another testing method and design concept. Candidate materials are then nominated following the procedure of materials selection.

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