At Juelich Research Center the prototype of an alkaline 120-bar electrolyser has been developed and built. Constructive and process-engineering measures must be taken to ensure the safe operation of such facilities. Potential hazards occur due to the high operating pressure in conjunction with the reactivity of the product gases and the electrolyte. First of all, the operating mode and technical features of the Juelich high-pressure electrolyser will be dealt with. Within the framework of a parametric study, the potential for weight reduction of the prototype while observing the rules for pressure vessel design will be shown. The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin has performed measurements concerning the explosion limits of H-2/O-2 mixtures at different temperatures and pressures up to 200 bars. At an electrolysis test rig of IWV-3, which can also be operated up to 200 bars, investigations were carried out concerning the gas composition on the H-2 and O-2 path under different operating conditions. These measurement series were compared to the explosion limits determined and evaluated to derive safety measures required for the operation of high-pressure electrolysers. (C) 2003 International Association for Hydrogen Energy. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
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