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Zhang, C. Z., Cao, X. J., Bujlo, P. ., Chen, B. ., Zhang, X. ., Sheng, X. F., & Liang, C. . (2022). Review on the safety analysis and protection strategies of fast filling hydrogen storage system for fuel cell vehicle application. Journal of Energy Storage, 45, 15.
Zhang, X. ., Wang, C. J., & Rui, S. C. (2022). Phenomena of single water droplet impacting a heptane layer on water pool. European Journal of Mechanics B-Fluids, 92, 65-74.
Zhang, X. ., Sun, J. ., Tang, K. ., Wang, H. ., Chen, T. ., Jiang, K. ., … Guo, R. . (2022). Ultralow detection limit and ultrafast response/recovery of the H(2) gas sensor based on Pd-doped rGO/ZnO-SnO(2) from hydrothermal synthesis. Microsyst Nanoeng, 8, 67.
Zhang, X. ., Huang, C. ., Hernandez, M. ., Rossetto, M. ., Liu, Z. ., Klomp, R. ., … Belzile, M. . (2012). 3-D CFD SIMULATION OF HYDROGEN DISPERSION FROM A FUEL CELL VEHICLE IN AN INDOOR ENVIRONMENT (pp. 365-373).
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