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Thomas Witte
Hydrogen Safety Panel Member

Founder of Witte Engineered Gases

Thomas Witte graduated valedictorian from Villanova University as a Chemical Engineer in 1983. He promptly began working for Air Products and Chemicals designing industrial gas systems (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium, and hydrogen). Tom has been involved in the installation of thousands of cryogenic and gaseous systems, including hydrogen fueling stations. He was the North American Engineering Manager for Air Products and Chemicals prior to retiring from Air Products in 2014 to start his own consulting company, Witte Engineered Gases. As part of his duties as Engineering Manager, he trained personnel, developed procedures and design standards, and was responsible for the engineering of all industrial gas systems installed at customers sites. Tom's hydrogen experience includes responsibility for the hydrogen design standards, hydrogen safety training, advanced systems design, managing a liquid hydrogen transfill, and testing the new liquid hydrogen and oxygen system at the Cape Canaveral launch site at Space Launch Complex (SLC) 37.

In addition to system design and project management, Tom has been involved in the development of codes and standards for the National Fire Protection Association and Compressed Gas Association (CGA), with special emphasis on gaseous and liquid hydrogen systems. In 2013, Tom was awarded the CGA 2013 Recipient of Chart Industries Distinguished Service Award.


We are committed to enable the safe and timely transition to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies by sharing the benefit of extensive experience and providing suggestions and recommendations pertaining to handling and use of hydrogen.
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