Hydrogen systems and safety consultant Larry Moulthrop started working with hydrogen systems in 1978 - and he hasn’t stopped yet. H2 generation equipment manufacturing, H2 product certification, H2 applications project management, H2 vehicle fueling stations, hazard assessment facilitation, safety codes and standards development, and H2 safety training are all part of Larry’s background experience portfolio.

A chemical engineer by degree, Larry provides H2 systems safety guidance to industry, research labs, and consumers as an independent contractor. Larry joined the Hydrogen Safety Panel in 2014, and since then has contributed to the Panel’s educational outreach, system safety reviews, and online training for research laboratory and water electrolysis safety (via the AIChE Center for Hydrogen Safety).

As a hydrogen safety expert, he has contributed to NFPA 2: Hydrogen Technologies Code (2012-2023 versions), the ISO 19880:2020 Hydrogen Fueling Stations standard, and the water electrolysis system product standards ISO22734 (2019 convenor) and CSA B22734 (committee vice-chair).

Larry has extensive hydrogen system product design, test, and certification experience focused on PEM water electrolysis systems for industry and fueling applications. Bringing 18 years of electrochemical engineering systems experience at General Electric and United Technologies with him, Larry co-founded Proton Energy Systems (d/b/a Proton OnSite) in 1996 to develop and build commercial PEM-based water electrolysis products. As VP Hydrogen Systems, he worked with Proton’s engineering and applications teams to build and deliver packaged hydrogen generators into vehicle fueling, renewable energy capture, telecom backup power, and many industrial hydrogen applications. Larry managed product safety, intellectual property, and product code compliance/certification processes for all these product and project efforts. From 2010 – 2016 he also managed operations of a PV-augmented H2 fueling station based at Proton and the fleet of 12 fuel cell vehicles attached to it.

Larry has 22 issued US patents in the areas of proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrochemical cell design and H2 system architecture through his prior work with Proton, United Technologies, and General Electric. He received his BSChE degree from the University of New Hampshire in 1978.

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