Mr. Bucci has over 40 years experience in the Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear industry with an emphasis in Emergency Management (EM) and Fire Protection (FP) Engineering. His experience includes development, coordination, and implementation of EM and FP Programs; developing and evaluating hazards analyses; performing facility and program assessments; the development, implementation, and evaluation of EM exercises and drills, and emergency response actions. He served as the lead technical reviewer of EM hazards assessments and supporting documents on behalf of Hanford DOE site offices, and participated on numerous EM and FP program/facility assessments at Hanford and in support of DOE Headquarters-sponsored assessment and appraisal teams.

Mr. Bucci holds a Master of Arts in Homeland Security, a Bachelor of Science in General Studies and an Associates in Applied Science in Fire Protection Engineering Technology. He is also a Member Grade in the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.