Annemarie graduated from the University of Twente with a Master's in chemical engineering. She has more than 15 years of experience solving complex process safety challenges with practical solutions. Her work experience includes Nel Fueling as the Senior Director of QHSE, Shell as a process safety engineer and Hydrogen Safety management, and Comprimo Sulphur Solutions as a design engineer. As a hydrogen safety expert, she has participated in various industry bodies, including cochairing the Hydrogen Council’s Safety Working Group from April 2019 – 2021. Annemarie has contributed to codes and standards organizations and participated in industry/government collaborations, including WVIP (Hydrogen Safety Innovation Program for the Netherlands), and has been a board member for the Center for Hydrogen Safety.

Annemarie has a proven track record in process safety in field applications, including refinery and hydrogen refueling stations, and design projects involving the application of regulations, codes, and standards. She is passionate about safety leadership and a strong advocate for safety culture in the workplace.

Annemarie currently works at OCI Global as Global Process Safety Manager.

Global Process Safety Manager
OCI Global