IEC 63341-3 Railway applications - Rolling Stock - Part 3 Fuel Cells for Propulsion - Performance Test Methods

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  • Miscellaneous
International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

This document provides the performance test methods of fuel cell power systems intended to be used for electrically powered rolling stock. The scope of this document is limited to electrically powered rolling stock. Hydrogen rolling stocks that include an internal combustion engine are not included in the scope. This document applies to hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power systems for electrically powered rolling stock. This document applies to DC type fuel cell power systems for using on rolling stock. This document does not apply to reformer-equipped fuel cell power systems. This document does not cover the fuel source containers which are permanently attached or fixed separately to either the rolling stock or the fuel cell power system. They are covered by IEC 63341-2. All related standards are described in IEC 63341-1. Fuel Cell performance targets shall be  agreed between the user and manufacturer.