This document applies to Compressed Hydrogen Storage Systems (CHSS) installed onboard rolling stock for railway applications and used to supply the Fuel Cells for the traction power and the auxiliaries supply of railway vehicles such as hybrid vehicles as defined in IEC 62864-1. This document applies to hydrogen storage in gaseous form, being the technology currently used for land transport vehicles. Therefore, liquid hydrogen storage systems are not treated in the present revision of the standard. This document applies to any rolling stock types (e.g. light rail vehicles, tramways, streetcars, metros, commuter trains, regional trains, high speed trains, locomotives, etc.). This standard addresses also the mechanical, fluidic and electrical interfaces between On-board Compressed Hydrogen Storage System and Refilling Station. Nevertheless, this standard does not specify Refilling Station itself nor the Refueling Protocol, that are specified in other standards such as ISO 19880-1 or future one for Railway applications.

Status Explanation

Received comments on circulated Committee Draft April 2023.