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IEC 62282-4-202 Fuel Cell Power System for Unmanned Aircraft Systems –Performance test method

Geographic Area(s)

This document covers performance test methods of fuel cell power systems intended for being used to power unmanned aircrafts, including general requirements, start-up, shutdown, power output, continuous running time, electric efficiency, data transmission, warning and monitoring, environmental compatibility, etc. 

The scope of the document is limited to electric powered unmanned aircrafts with a maximum take-off mass not exceeding 150 kg (i.e., level 5 or lower UAs). 

The document applies to fuel cell power systems with a rated output voltage not exceeding 220 V DC for outdoor use. 

The document applies only to compressed gaseous hydrogen-fuelled fuel cell power systems. 

The document does not apply to reformer-equipped fuel cell power systems.

Status Explanation

Under development. Registered for Final Draft International Standard.

Committee Information

Chairman: Zhigang qi Secretariat: China

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