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IEC 62282-3-300 Stationary Fuel Cell Power Systems - Installation

Geographic Area(s)
Application Type

Provide performance based requirements for the minimum safe installation of indoor and outdoor fuel cell power systems.

Status Explanation

Initially published in November 2007, and revised and re-published in June 2012. Its stability date has been extended to 2023. Available from and 

This standard has been adopted in the: UK (BS EN 62282-3-300:2012), Germany (DIN EN 62282-3-300:2013), Austria (OVE/ONORM EN 62282-3-300:2013) and EU. China as GB/T 27748.3-2011 Korea as KS C IEC 62282-3-300 Japan as JIS C 62282-3-300 The following are is the process of adoption: Taiwan

Committee Information

Chairman: Eckhard Schwendemann

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