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This Standard applies to: a) the mechanical and electrical features of dispensers, which includes the control system and any ancillary equipment, used to dispense compressed hydrogen gas for hydrogen powered industrial trucks (HPITs) used for mobility/propulsion in a non-public application; b) systems that refuel hydrogen powered industrial vehicles to a service pressure of 25 and 35 MPa at a refueling rate of no more than 33 g/second. The requirements of this Standard are not intended to constrain innovation. When considering fuels, materials, designs, or constructions not specifically dealt with in this Standard, these alternatives are to be evaluated as to their ability to yield levels of safety and performance equivalent to or better than those prescribed by this Standard. A hydrogen powered industrial truck (HPIT) is an electric industrial truck that is powered by a fuel cell system. These vehicles include the following: a) electric fork lift trucks; b) airport tuggers; c) yard trucks; d) refrigerated trucks (reefer units); and e) auxiliary power units (APUs).
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