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North America
This Standard establishes minimum requirements for the material, design, manufacture, and testing of newly produced compressed hydrogen gas fuel system components and serially produced, refillable Type HPIT 1 containers intended only for the storage of compressed hydrogen gas installed in powered industrial truck applications or other heavy duty industrial applications. The following are components covered under this Standard: a) check valve; b) manual valve; c) manual container valve; d) automatic valve; e) pressure sensors and pressure gauges; f) pressure regulator; g) pressure relief device; h) excess flow valve; i) rigid fuel line; j) flexible fuel line; k) filter; l) fittings; m) discharge line closures; and n) containers - HPIT Types 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Status Explanation
Published March 2015, and re-affirmed in 2020. Available at
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Chairman: Aaron Harris Secretariat: CSA Group Secretary: Sara Marxen