CGA H-3 Cryogenic Hydrogen Storage

North America
United States
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  • Hydrogen Infrastructure
  • Hydrogen Storage & Transport
  • Tanks & Storage
Compressed Gas Association
This publication contains the suggested minimum design and performance requirements for shop-fabricated, vacuum-insulated cryogenic tanks (vertical and horizontal) intended for above ground storage of liquid hydrogen. This publication applies to liquid hydrogen storage tanks with maximum allowable working pressures (MAWP) up to and including 175 psi (1210 kPa). Tanks less than 1000 gal (3785 L) gross volume or greater than 25 000 gal (94 600 L) gross volume and all transportable containers are excluded. Tanks outside these pressure and volume constraints may also meet the requirements of this standard when agreed upon by the purchaser/ manufacturer and the authority having jurisdiction. This standard does not include operation and installation requirements or emergency response information.
Status Explanation
Third edition published 2019. Available at Deadline to submit proposed changes for next edition: 12/1/23.
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