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Abstract: This publication applies to HYCO plants that produce hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or mixtures thereof, with a nominal production capacity greater than 9 MMSCFD hydrogen or carbon monoxide/syngas (approximately 10 000 Nm3/hr). Many of the concepts and issues discussed may also apply to smaller HYCO plants depending on the technology used. This publication covers the safety aspects of all catalysts and chemisorbents such as zinc oxide used in HYCO facilities. Non-catalytic material such as physical adsorbents, for example, those used for pressure swing adsorbers; activated carbon, ion exchange resins, and inert solids (e.g., sand) are excluded from the publication. The publication scope is limited to catalyst and chemisorbent handling, loading, preparation for operation, unloading, and disposal. The publication scope excludes periods when the reactor is in operation (including startup and shutdown). Catalyst-specific instructions related to startup with new catalyst and shutdown prior to catalyst removal are included in the catalyst manufacturer’s documentation, which should be consulted. This publication is not intended to replace catalyst manufacturers’ operating manuals, handling manuals, or safety data sheets (SDS)

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