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Abstract: This publication applies to steam reformers that are operated with natural gas, refinery off gas, naphtha, and other light hydrocarbon streams. It specifically applies to large volume hydrogen production plants, defined for this publication as a production capacity of 380 000 scfh (10 000 Nm3h) (9 MMSCFD or 240 000 Nm3D) or greater. This publication may be applied to smaller reformers depending on the technology used. This publication covers operational safety of steam reformer startup and shutdown. Emphasis is placed on operational guidance and features that provide safeguards against the hazards associated with the transition and infrequent nature of startups and shutdowns. The publication is not intended to address the details of design, installation, construction, and initial startup (commissioning) of steam reformers.

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Second edition published in 2020. Deadline to submit proposed changes for next edition is 8/2025. Available at