ANSI/CSA FC6 Fuel Cell Modules

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  • Stationary Fuel Cells
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This is the first edition of CSA/ANSI FC 6, Fuel cell technologies — Part 2: Fuel cell modules, which is an adoption, with United States deviations, of the identically titled IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) Standard 62282-2 (second edition, 2012-03). For brevity, this Standard will be referred to as "CSA/ANSI FC 6" throughout. The United States deviations are intended to a) correct inaccuracies; b) replace references to IEC Standards with references to U.S. Standards, where applicable; and c) reflect recent developments in fuel cell module technology by providing explanatory material and specifying new design options.

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Secretariat: CSA Group Secretary: Mark Duda

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