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Emergency Response Framework

Emergency Response Framework

Safety is the top priority for hydrogen technologies. When planning for hydrogen, you must update their existing emergency response framework to incorporate hydrogen safety. 


Best practices

Incorporate a straightforward hydrogen emergency framework to existing response procedures to ensure safe hydrogen readiness.

The local fire department and emergency response team must be well trained on hydrogen safety procedures and be the first point of contact if any hydrogen safety concerns arise.


Essential Knowledge 

Free trainings

Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders | AIChE – Explore this web-based course that provides an "awareness level" overview of hydrogen for fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel. 

CHS First Responders Micro Training Learning Plan | AIChE - This is a more in depth 4-part multimedia course that aims to better inform incident responders and support the safe handling and use of hydrogen in a variety of fuel cell applications.

Safety Planning

Safety_Planning_for_H2_and_FC_Projects-Jan2020 ( - This is a planning guide that instructs project teams on the essential safety planning principles (Section B), safety plan content (Section C), and supporting plan documentation (Section D) for effective safety plans.


Additional Resources

Hydrogen Incident Recovery Guide | Hydrogen Tools 

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