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Title Year Type Author(s)
Transient simulation of an endothermic chemical process facility coupled to a high temperature reactor: Model development and validation 2012 Journal Article N. Brown, V. Seker, S. Revankar, T. Downar
The role of CFD combustion modeling in hydrogen safety management-Part I: Validation based on small scale experiments 2012 Journal Article P. Sathiah, E. Komen, D. Roekaerts
An Intercomparison Exercise on the Capabilities of CFD Models to Predict Distribution and Mixing of H2 in a Closed Vessel-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings E. Gallego, E. Migoya, J.M. Martin-Valdepenas, A. Crespo, J. Garcia, A. Venetsanos, E. Papanikolaou, S. Kumar, S. E., O.R. Hansen, Y. Dagba, T. Jordan, W. Jahn, S. Hoist, D. Makarov, J. Piechna
Mixing of Dense or Light Gases with Turbulent Air - a Fast-Running Model for Lumped Parameter Codes-Paper 2005 Conference Proceedings W. Ambrosini, N. Forgione, F. Oriolo, F. Parozzi
A Trends Analysis on Safety for CNG/HCNG Complex Fueling Station 2011 Journal Article
Dispersion and catalytic ignition of hydrogen leaks within enclosed spaces 2012 Journal Article K. Brady, C. Sung, J. T'ien
Ultrastructure of the Cellular Response of Rabbits' Gingivae to the Adverse Effects of Light Enhanced Bleaching 2012 Journal Article M. Attia-Zouair, H. Adawy, M. Khedr
Identification and characterization of lactic acid bacteria from forest musk deer feces 2012 Journal Article Y. Luo, B. Ma, L. Zou, J. Cheng, Y. Cai, J. Kang, B. Li, X. Gao, P. Wang, J. Xiao
Mixtures of hydrogen and methane in the internal combustion engine - Synergies, potential and regulations 2012 Journal Article M. Klell, H. Eichlseder, M. Sartory
New materials for hydrogen distribution networks: materials development & technico-economic benchmark 2012 Journal Article M. Klopffer, P. Berne, M. Weber, S. Castagnet, G. Hochstetter, E. Espuche
Hydrogen deflagration simulations under typical containment conditions for nuclear safety 2012 Journal Article J. Yanez, A. Kotchourko, A. Lelyakin
Assessment of Alane as a hydrogen storage media for portable fuel cell power sources 2012 Journal Article K. Grew, Z. Brownlee, K. Shukla, D. Chu
Analysis of the cost-effectiveness of pressure for vehicular high-pressure gaseous hydrogen storage vessel 2012 Journal Article B. Sun, D. Zhang, F. Liu
Heat transfer analysis of high-pressure hydrogen storage tanks subjected to localized fire 2012 Journal Article J Zheng, K. Ou, H Bie, P. Xu, Y. Zhao, X. Liu, Y. He
Modeling and Simulation of Nitrate Injection for Reservoir Souring Remediation 2012 Journal Article M. Haghshenas, K. Sepehrnoori, S. Bryant, M. Farhadinia
An intercomparison exercise on the capabilities of CFD models to predict distribution and mixing of H2H2 in a closed vessel 2007 Journal Article E. Gallego, E. Migoya, J. Martinvaldepenas, A. Crespo, J. Garcia, A. Venetsanos, E. Papanikolaou, S. Kumar, E. Studer, Y. Dagba
LIQHYSMES storage unit - Hybrid energy storage concept combining liquefied hydrogen with Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage 2012 Journal Article M. Sander, R. Gehring, H. Neumann, T. Jordan
Evaluation of the one-step hydrogen-oxygen global reaction rate in a non-premixed mixture to predict auto-ignition limits 2012 Journal Article T. Bar-Kohany, K. Dahan
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