The International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement Task on Hydrogen Safety

International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement

Vision: The IEA HIA envisions a hydrogenfuture based on a clean,sustainable energy supply thatplays a key role in all sectors of theglobal economy.

Mission: Accelerate hydrogen implementation and widespread utilization.

Strategy: Task shared programs of


Role of hydrogen in launch disasters?

  • 28 jan 1986 Shuttle failure of an O-ring
  • 4 june 1996 Ariane 5 software problem
  • 12 dec 2002Ariane 5 Liquid pp engine design

Advances in Modeling for Safety Applications

Mostly damages in industrial accidents are resulted from explosions of combustible gases and among other combustible gases H2 has unique properties, which makes it one of the most dangerous agent.

Thus we are going to speak here about numericalmodeling of possible accidents in industry with H2

What are the tasks for CFD in safety: there is a need in better understanding andin development of complete modeling procedure with the view:

CFD Analysis

CFD is a numerical method to solve the fluid governing equations that can not be solved in analytical form.

By means of numerical simulations of potential accident scenarios, CFD can provide relevant data for risk assessment of hydrogen technologies (estimates of accident consequences e.g. pressure and thermal loads of hydrogen explosions and jet fires)

CFD can provide a valuable contribution to the engineering design of safer hydrogen infrastructures and technologies

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