Review of Methods for Estimating the Overpressure and Impulse Resulting From a Hydrogen Explosion in a Confined-Obstructed Volume

This study deals with the TNO Multi-Energy and Baker-Strehlow-Tang (BST) methods for estimating the positive overpressures and positive impulses resulting from hydrogen-air explosions. With these two methods, positive overpressure and positive impulse results depend greatly on the choice of the class number for the TNO Multi-Energy method or the Mach number for the BST methods.

Blast Wave From Hydrogen Storage Rupture in a Fire

This study addresses one of knowledge gapsin hydrogen safety science and engineering, i.e. apredictive model for calculation of deterministic separation distancesdefined bythe parameters ofa blast wave generated by a high-pressure gasstorage tank rupture in a fire. An overview of existing methods to calculate stored in a tank internal(mechanical) energy anda blast wave decayis presented.

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