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The Technical Database for Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials is intended to be a complement to the Technical Reference for Hydrogen Compatibility of Materials. Although still in the development stage, the Technical Database will provide a repository of technical data measured in hydrogen and is meant to be an engineering tool to aid the selection of materials for use in hydrogen.

The structure of the Technical Database will mirror the Technical Reference, using the same designations and classifications of materials. Below is a list of the database information compiled in the form of spreadsheets. The content is being updated continuously to eventually contain the data represented in the Technical Reference. A single material from a single study is represented in each spreadsheet: the material is indicated by the first four digits; the author and year of the primary source are represented by the following characters; and the type of data follows (i.e. tensile, fracture and/or fatigue).

Plain Carbon Ferritic Steels

Low-Alloy Ferritic Steels

Aluminum Alloys