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2013 Conference Paper N.K. Zhevago; A.F. Chabak; E.I. Denisov; V.N. Fateev; V.I. Glebov; S.V. Korobtsev paper_233.pdf
2009 Conference Paper I. Agote; M.A. Lagos; I. Azkarate Safe Processing Route for the Synthesis of Mg Based Metallic Hydrides.pdf
2009 Conference Paper V. Shepelin; D. Koshmanov; N. Eflmova Safe Testing of Catalytic Devices in Hydrogen-Air Flow.pdf
2007 Conference Paper H. De Vries; O. Florisson; G.C. Tiekstra Safe Operation of Natural Gas Appliances Fueled with Hydrogen-Natural Gas Mixtures (Progress Obtained in the Natural Hy-Project).pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.W. Sheffield; U.O. Koylu 2.1.53.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.W. Sheffield; U.O. Koylu A Rural Hydrogen Transportation Test Bed.pdf
2013 Presentation P. Churchill P. Churchill.pdf
2013 Presentation T. Herbert T. Herbert.pdf
2013 Presentation A. Tchouvelev A. Tchouvelev.pdf
2005 Presentation H. Barthelemy Round Table AL and Hydrogen techn.ppt
2011 Presentation A. Tchouvelev Round Table Discussion - International Collaboration on Hydrogen Safety.ppt
2005 Conference Paper N. Chaumeix; S. Pichon; F. Lafosse; N. Udari; C.E. Paillard 120002.pdf
2005 Conference Paper N. Chaumeix; S. Pichon; ; C.E. Paillard Role of Chemical Kinetics on the Detonation Properties of Hydrogen - Natural Gas - Air Mixtures.pdf
2007 Journal Article J.L. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi
2007 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi 4.1.110.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance Risk-Informed Separation Distances for Hydrogen Refueling Stations.pdf
2007 Conference Paper J. LaChance; A. Tchouvelev; J. Ohi Risk-Informed Process and Tools for Permitting Hydrogen Fueling Stations.pdf
2009 Presentation A. Tchouvelev; A.M. Hansen; S. Miyashita; G. Vercauteren; B. Golden presentation_42.pdf
2015 Conference Paper T. Skjold; D. Siccama; H. Hisken; A. Brambilla; P. Middha; K.M. Groth; A.C. LaFleur Presentation_ID105_Hy3DRM_Final_20151021.pdf , paper_309.pdf
2015 Conference Paper F. Markert; A. Marangon; M. Carcassi; N.J. Duijm Presentation_ID101_RISK-ANALYSIS-OF-COMPLEX-HYDROGEN-INFRASTRUCTURES.pdf , paper_311.pdf
2013 Conference Paper Z. Li; X. Pan; J. Ma Risk Analysis on Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Stations in the World Expo Shanghai.pdf
2011 Conference Paper F. Barth paper_76.pdf , presentation_15.ppt
2011 Conference Paper J.L. LaChance paper_110.pdf , presentation_18.pptx
2011 Conference Paper J.A. Cortes-Concepcion; C.W. James; S.M. Everett; J.R. Gray; D.A. Tamburello; D.L. Anton paper_113.pdf , presentation_20.pptx
2009 Conference Paper Y.F. Khalil; D.A. Mosher Risk Quantification of Hydride Based Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Applications.pdf